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SA greyhound racing: ‘two years to demonstrate just how committed it is to strengthening its product’

Graham Ashton’s independent inquiry findings announced last week into the governance of SA greyhound racing has highlighted a number of areas of concern.

A list of 86 recommendations – including 14 put forward by Greyhound Racing SA (GRSA) that have been recognised and accepted – conclude there is an urgent need for the SA greyhound racing industry to reform in order to meet contemporary community expectations.

A recommendation was made to establish the role of an independent greyhound industry reform inspector, reporting to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing, Katrine Hildyard. The industry would be given a period of two years to demonstrate its achievement of this reform.

Greyhound Racing SA Chair, Grantley Stevens (right) pictured at Tara Raceway earlier this year for the Group 3 Mount Gambier Cup presentation.

Greyhound Racing SA Chair, Grantley Stevens, said what this effectively meant was that the SA greyhound racing industry had two years to demonstrate just how committed it was to strengthening its product.

“Having had the opportunity to undertake a preliminary review of the report, GRSA agrees with its recommendations in principle. We are certainly pleased that a number of recommendations from our own submission have been recognised and accepted.

“GRSA has established an internal working group to start reviewing the report in more detail in order to raise any queries with government and identify any immediate opportunities for reform.

“A number of the recommendations align with our immediate priorities or work that is already underway. Some of the evidence presented in the inquiry’s report does not reflect subsequent action taken by industry. We look forward to addressing this with government,” he said.

Mr Stevens said that elements of the report make for challenging reading. Participants should not underestimate the task we have been set as an industry.

“It is worth noting that the Premier Peter Malinauskas was very clear in his remarks that he does not want to see SA greyhound racing shut down but we need to prove that we can change.

“To meet this challenge it will take all of us pulling in the same direction.”

Meanwhile, Greyhound Clubs Australia (GCA) recently received notice from Greyhounds Australasia (GA) that they have engaged a consulting firm for the purposes of conducting an economic and social impact study of the greyhound racing industry within the Australasian region.

The aim of the study is to gather and collate information at a national level for the purposes of providing factual content, associated with the social and economic benefits provided by the Australasian greyhound racing industry.

Although the economic benefits provided by greyhound racing are significant, the study will focus on benefits provided to local communities – particularly in regional areas.

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