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SA clubs ‘need to keep up with modern technology’

Although Iso-Lynx was an expensive capital expenditure, the SA greyhound racing industry needed to keep up with modern technology or be left behind, according to Combined Member Clubs Chairman, Gavin Harris.

“Some tracks in NSW and Victoria have Iso-Lynx installed. However, we are fortunate that it will be installed at all SA tracks,” he said.

“We have saved by not investing in sectional cameras that were originally planned as they will no longer be required once Iso-Lynx is fully implemented.

Iso-Lynx installation has commenced at Tara Raceway.

“And once the Iso-Lynx data is integrated to the results system it should create a labour saving given stewards will have no need to review the footage after each race – and work out the sectional times for each individual dog.”

He said it had been interesting to discover that one of the 595 metre races at Angle Park where the Iso-Lynx had been trialled, showed the winner ran 598 metres and another dog 620 metres.

Harris said the Iso-Lynx would be hooked into the racing coverage on Sky and would also provide real-time data relating to the speed of each greyhound.

“The sectional times of dogs will be made available to punters to provide more information than they currently have.

“Tracking chips will be inserted into the race rugs of each greyhound. The system will then track the exact location of the dog 40 times every second and will provide accurate information on the speed and distance the dog is travelling in a race.

“It will also set us up in the future for Iso-Cam where four or five cameras positioned around the track can use the chips to focus on the dogs. This will include obtaining head-on footage at various parts of the race.”

Meanwhile, the Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club’s senior track maintenance officer, Tim Manterfield, said the Iso-Lynx (minus the camera angles) should be in operation at Tara Raceway’s meeting on Sunday.

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