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Racing and trialling frequency rule to be introduced

A rule to monitor and regulate the frequency of races and official trials of greyhounds will come into effect on Wednesday, February 1.

Derek Kordick, Greyhound Racing SA’s Risk and Compliance General Manager, said the rule would ensure adequate rest time is given between events.

“GRSA has now automated its computer systems to be able to monitor this rule – similar to the one in effect in Western Australia,” Kordick said.

“Basically, it’s self-explanatory. A greyhound must not start more than twice (races and/or satisfactory trials or qualifying trials) in any seven-day period.

“Further, a greyhound must not start more than seven times (races and/or trials) in any 28-day period.”

Kordick said any attempt to nominate a greyhound outside those parameters would be flagged by the OzChase system and the nomination would not be accepted.

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