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GRSA team in town for stakemoney presentation

Greyhound Racing SA Chief Executive Officer Matt Corby and Chief Financial Officer Gavin Bosch were at Tara Raceway last Thursday for a stakemoney and wagering revenue presentation.

Addressing stakeholders after kennelling time and prior to the running of the first race, Bosch said it was likely that Wagering Activity Payment (WAP) would reduce substantially in FY22.

This was because base stakemoney had increased by 9.25% from July 1, 2021; feature races were increased; and net wagering revenue was likely to fall by as much as 10%. Therefore, the gap (which was paid out as WAP) would reduce. However, the 50% payout rate would remain in place.

Gavin Bosch (left) and Matt Corby pictured at Tara Raceway last Thursday.

Bosch said other notable changes included only races with total stakes above $5000 would be excluded from eligibility for WAP.

And a monthly average would be applied to feature races over the year to address the large distortion that occurred in October 2020.

In relation to the home and away trainer fee Corby said it would remain in place for registered trainers with runners entered at their “away” regional tracks. However, that would be on the condition that the trainer physically attended the meeting.

While the $75 support fee would be removed for trainers travelling to and from Mount Gambier, Corby said GRSA would continue to monitor the impact of border restrictions and any need for future support.

Set for further discussion in the future is the possibility of three race meetings a week in Mount Gambier and the erection of lights to facilitate twilight racing at Tara Raceway.

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