Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club

Tara Raceway, Lake Terrace East, Mount Gambier, SA

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Club offered additional funding for specific projects

As a consequence of strong wagering experienced in the first six months of this financial year, Greyhound Racing SA has found itself in a position to make a once-off offer of additional funding to the Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club.

However, as GRSA Strategic Projects Manager Scott Wuchatsch pointed out, a conditional element of the $130,000 funding would be that it be used on the listed projects:

• Second slipping track (competition run) – $10,000
• Greyhound ambulance (John Deere Gator) – $20,000
• Concrete kerb along front straight – $15,000
• Concrete turnaround for tractor – $20,000
• Upgraded water trailer (manual track irrigation) – $25,000
• Automated greyhound educational circuit (bull ring) – $40,000

“An important aspect of my role at GRSA is to identify and schedule infrastructure maintenance and replacement,” he said.

“The projects listed are considered to be important for the club and were identified as part of general feedback received from the MGGRC over the past 12 months.”

Wuchatsch did say, though, that if the club believed there were other priority projects that the once-off funding could be better attributed to then GRSA would be happy to consider those.

“For example, alternatives to a bull ring could be a new maintenance shed, a formal wastewater management system for the kennel house or a long overdue new facility entrance and perimeter fencing.”

He said the GRSA board had considered and approved the grant funding to the MGGRC. GRSA could pay the funding within a fortnight of receipt of acceptance of the offer.

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