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Tara Raceway, Lake Terrace East, Mount Gambier, SA

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Club looks to celebrate SE Greyhound Racing Club’s anniversary

Come September, it will be 50 years since a public meeting was held in the Mount Gambier City Hall to form the SE Greyhound Racing Club.

And following a meeting last week of the Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club programming committee, it was decided that the club should look to celebrate the occasion in September with a special SE Greyhound Racing Club anniversary meeting at Tara Raceway.

At the public meeting on September 14, 1972 the following were elected to the committee: R. Clark, J. Cruise, E. Lewis, N. F. McDonnell, J. O’Brien, J. O’Connor, C. Potter, A. Steele (Chairman), J. Taylor, J. Walters, R. White, J. Sullivan and B. Wittwer (Secretary).

But there were plenty of twists and turns to follow. In fact, by the time greyhound racing commenced in Mount Gambier, N. F. McDonnell was the only member remaining of the original committee.

It’s a good story and certainly one worthy of retelling as the 50 year anniversary draws closer.

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