Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club

Tara Raceway, Lake Terrace East, Mount Gambier, SA

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Club looking to utilise track for education and training

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

It has now been 12 months since Greyhound Racing SA representatives were in Mount Gambier to outline to local participants its broader plan for the industry.

And part of that broader plan was a strategy to support rearing and breaking-in services as well as greater utilisation of SA TAB tracks for greyhound education and training.

Tara Raceway already has its own slipping track, situated on the other side of the race track’s back straight fence. This is a sand-based 200 metre stretch where greyhounds are able to free-gallop in a safe environment.

A young greyhound being educated in a bullring similar to the one envisaged for Tara Raceway.

At a cost of $2 a week for unlimited access, the slipping track – the first of its kind on an SA race track – has proven to be a boon to “back yard” trainers in the district.

And the slipping track has produced its fair share of winners, plenty of greyhounds making a successful transition from one side of the back straight fence to the other.

Now, a move is afoot to erect another fence in the slipping track area in order that a pair of greyhounds would be able to gallop up the track, one on either side of the fence – a sand surface on one side and grass on the other.

“I believe this would be a safe way of getting a couple of greyhounds to work hard,” said Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club committee member and slipping track user Noel Perry. “Also, it may well encourage more participants to take advantage of the facility.”

The MGGRC committee is now also likely to further pursue the possibility of constructing a “bullring” (a small circular training track) at Tara Raceway – as discussed by a previous committee.

The main purpose of a bullring – generally around a nine-metre radius – is that it is used as a stepping stone for pups before they venture on to a race track.

Put simply, bullrings are all about building the confidence of pups and getting them used to the sight and sound of a lure in motion.

The Sale Greyhound Racing Club was the first Victorian club to have a bullring constructed. Its bullring is state-of-the-art, machine-operated by a lure driver and includes starting boxes.

While the MGGRC will need to liaise further with GRSA in regard to its education and training plans for race tracks, the club firmly believes that Tara Raceway is one such track that is well placed to provide both racing and training services to participants.

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