The Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club, Lake Terrace East, Mount Gambier, SA

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Club looking to take up the challenge

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club is looking to stage a Tara Trackstar Challenge over 512 metres at Tara Raceway in early July.

A Special Event, the Trackstar would be for the best performed greyhounds at Tara Raceway between January and June this year.

The selection process would be by way of the Greyhound of the Year list, the local track’s current leading nine greyhounds being Cryer’s Plugger, Dimora Flash, Rose Ali, Molly’s Wally, Azumi Ryder, Black Spring, Lone Star, Whatta Knocka and Galactic Athena.

But if the Trackstar field was being assembled today, Cryer’s Plugger is on the injured list, Rose Ali has been sold and Galactic Athena is unlikely to be back at Tara Raceway any time soon.

However, with more than 270 greyhounds having already accumulated Greyhound of the Year points this year at Tara Raceway there shouldn’t be too much trouble in coming up with enough runners for what will probably be a six-dog race.

If the concept is successful – and there’s probably no reason why it wouldn’t be – then a second Tara Trackstar Challenge would be run at the beginning of next year to cater for the best performed greyhounds between July and December.