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Chasing for charity continues at Tara Raceway

The Tara Tipsters Grantville Court Thrift Shop presentation at Tara Raceway on Sunday.

Grantville Court Thrift Shop manager Shauna Wood and her team of volunteers were welcome visitors at Sunday’s Tara Raceway meeting which was highlighted by the running of the Tara Tipsters Grantville Court Thrift Shop Stake (512 metres).

The Thrift Shop was the latest to benefit from the generosity of the Tara Tipsters. They are a group of regulars at the greyhound track who donate twice-weekly to a nominated local charity over a four-month period in a bid to select the most winners on the day.

The chase for charity at the Mount Gambier track first came about in 2020 through an initiative called “Catch for Cash” which had been instigated by well-known local sportsman and greyhound owner Kevin “KD” Douglas.

Subsequently, the Sunset Community Kitchen received a cheque for $2000. Following this was the introduction of the Tara Tipsters who continue to try and outdo one another in what has turned out to be a fiercely competitive tipping competition.

Since 2020, other local charities to be supported prior to the Thrift Shop, have been Foodbank and the Visually Impaired Club of Mount Gambier. The current Tara Tipsters local charity is Four Reasons Why.

Speaking at the presentation, Ms Wood, at the track for the first time, thanked the club’s participants for their generous support.

“I have to tell you how thrilled I was when I received notification that we were going to be the recipients of your promotion,” she said. “And I can’t believe just what a great set-up you have out here.

“I would also like to say that all the money from the Thrift Shop stays here in Mount Gambier. It assists our local people – people affected by domestic violence, homelessness, hunger and those down on their luck.”

KD asked for a round of applause for Shauna Wood and her volunteers in appreciation of their efforts in helping less fortunate people in the community. And the Thrift Shop team responded with a generous thank you to the Tara Tipsters who have now raised $8000 for local charities.

Fittingly, the Tara Tipsters Thrift Shop Stake was won by Departure Gate, trained at Moorak by Jason Newman who has been one of the Tara Tipsters from the outset.

A lap to go and eventual winner Departure Gate leads the way for trainer Jason Newman in the Tara Tipsters Thrift Shop Open Stake.

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