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305 m racing set to commence next month

Racing over 305 metres at Tara Raceway is expected to commence on Thursday, January 14.

This is according to Greyhound Racing SA Strategic Projects Manager Scott Wuchatsch who this week provided an update on the 305 metres project and some clarification regarding the intentions with starting boxes.

“Good progress has been made and while there doesn’t appear to be too many dramatic changes on the ground, I’m comfortable that we are on track to have the start operational before Christmas,” he said.

“In regard to the starting boxes, it is our intention to completely refurbish the old set of Victorian boxes that are at Tara Raceway and use these at the 732 metres start. The current 277 m/732 m boxes will be used at the 305 metres start.”

Wuchatsch said that to achieve racing over 305 metres as soon as possible would mean a period of time without the 732 metres start while the old boxes were refurbished.

“We are hoping that the 732 metres start will be up and running by February. This means there will be something like a six-week period whereby no staying races will be able to be run.”

In summing up, Wuchatsch said the last meeting with 277 metres racing, and a temporary halt to 732 metres racing, would be on December 20. Trials over 305 metres would commence on December 23 with racing over that distance beginning on January 14.

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