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The day Demolition Dawn was illegally parked

Friday, September 8, 2017

The canteen girls, Tania and Carol, must have been wondering what the hell was going on.

Phil Lenehan salvages the no parking sign and points out to Dawn Kay as she shifts her car that she had been illegally parked.

Here they were busily preparing for Friday’s Tara Raceway meeting when, through their window, they spotted bar manager Dawn Kay’s car silently rolling down a slight embankment and heading in the direction of the canteen section of the clubrooms.

The only trouble was the bar manager wasn’t in the car!

The car came to a halt after crashing into a safety fence and a post supporting the back verandah roof with a slightly-shaken Dawn later conceding that she had neglected to place the vehicle in “park” after unloading some bar supplies.

Now, the irony of the whole incident was that Dawn had pushed for some time for a safety fence to be erected at the back entrance and also for there to be no parking in this area.

But in one fell swoop her car demolished a section of the safety fence and knocked down a supporting verandah post which saw the roof take on a decided drop in one corner.

And as Demolition Dawn prepared to shift the car, Phil Lenehan was quick to remind her that she was illegally parked!

Pictures: Tracie Price.

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