The Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club, Lake Terrace East, Mount Gambier, SA

SUNDAY, MARCH 4: Nominations close at 9 a.m. (SA time) on Tuesday, February 27 with GRSA. FRIDAY, MARCH 9: Mount Gambier Cup supporting events heats. Nominations close at 9 a.m. (SA time) on Monday, March 5 with GRSA. SATURDAY, MARCH 10: Mount Gambier Cup Calcutta at Tara Raceway. SUNDAY, MARCH 11: Mount Gambier Cup heats. Nominations close at 9 a.m. (SA time) on Tuesday, March 6 with GRSA. See “Racing Calendar” for full details. HOT WEATHER POLICY: Please note that when the Mount Gambier temperature is forecast at 32 degrees or higher on a race day the kennels will be open a half hour earlier. TRIALS: Every Tuesday and Saturday, commencing at 9 a.m. (SA time). Bookings on arrival at track.


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Lake Terrace East, Mount Gambier, SA
Postal: PO Box 1466, Lake Terrace East, Mount Gambier, SA 5290
Phone: 0419 824 512. Fax: (08) 8725 3053

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President: Steve Bartholomew
Vice-President: Tim Manterfield
Secretary/Treasurer: Barry Shepheard
Committee: Kel Dalton, Tim Holmes, Dawn Kay, David Lewis, Ruth Lewis, Ralph Patzel, John Woodland

Stewards’ Panel: GRSA Steward. Stan Bright, Kel Dalton, Robert Spillman, Lindy Thomson
Veterinary Surgeons: Gambier Vets
Kennel Attendants: John Woodland, Steve Patzel
Starters: Connor Bartlett, Kel Dalton
Lure Drivers: Steve Bartholomew, Ken Gillespie, Tim Manterfield, Ralph Patzel
Photo Finish: Paul McIntyre
DVD Video: Fed Creative 
Photographer: Todd’s Photographics
Bar Manager: Dawn Kay
Canteen: Dianne Musgrove, Carol Stanton
Office Manager: Ruth Lewis
Course Broadcast: RadioTAB




2012 life members Ralph Patzel (left) and Allan Holmes

1978: Colin Sims

1983: Newman McDonnell

1993: Joan McFarlane

1994: Roy Douglas, Andrew McFarlane, Connie Miller, David Robb, Dick Sealey, Nell Sealey, Graeme Sims, Ian Sims, Val Sims, Allan Virgo, Jim Williams

1995: George Kay, Noel Miller, Michael Robinson, Alec Steele

1996: Ian Badger, Claude Moore

1997: Bill Ward

1998: Steve Bartholomew, Allen Peckham

2001: Gwen Burdon, John Reid

2002: Ruth Little

2012: Allan Holmes, Ralph Patzel

2013: Jim Heaver

2014: Allen Williams

2015: Richard Clayfield


Life members George Kay (left), Claude Moore, Michael Robinson, Noel Miller, Connie Miller and Alec Steele.


The 2014 Life Members Gift presentation won by Thanks Tubby from kennelmate Bourne Again.